Cask is back

Our cask offering

It all started with cask. Over the years we have diversified our cask offering, but always championed it. Is cask seeing a resurgence? Quite possibly, and if so it's due to the quality and longevity of the style .

Why Drink Cask?

Naturally carbonated

Cask beer is a 'living product', as it contains living yeast. This creates a secondary fermentation in the cask, and so is naturally carbonated and does not require co2 to be added.

Deep flavour profile

Due to this natural carbonation, cask beer offers a deep, complex flavour profile. The present yeast within the cask also leads to further complexity, making cask beer a delicious drinking experience with every pint.

Simple to serve

As co2 is not required by the venue to store and serve cask beer, it is simple to add a new cask beer to your pub's lineup. This allows for brands like Harviestoun to offer 'cask rotation' beers, such as those detailed below...

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Current Cask Rotational
Broken Dial Amber Ale - 4.5%
Pictured: Harviestoun Brewery Cask offerings in the Oran Mor: West End of Glasgow!
Year Round Cask Offerings
Schiehallion Lager - 4.8%
A core cask offering, available all year round, Schiehallion cask is a rare breed, a lager available on cask. Extremely refreshing, it pours with a crisp white head, luscious lacing and bursting with citrus aromas. The combination of wheat and lager malt leads to a long, lingering grapefruit finish.
Bitter & Twisted Golden Ale - 3.8%
Another core cask offering, Bitter & Twisted is an easy-drinking and refreshing golden ale. This beer provides floral and citrus aromas of lemon and grapefruit. Caramel malt provides a hint of biscuity sweetness along with pinhead oats, which provide the beer's body. A very well-rounded beer, that finishes with a lemon, slightly tingly aftertaste.

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