Are dark roasted malt craft stouts the perfect Autumn ale?

Are dark roasted malt craft stouts the perfect Autumn ale?

As the weather cools and the leaves start to change colour, many beer drinkers find themselves gravitating towards malty craft stouts. There's just something about a rich, dark beer that seems to warm you from the inside out. But is malt really the perfect ingredient for an Autumn ale? Let's take a closer look.

What's the deal with malts and beer-making?

Malt is a cereal grain that has been sprouted and kiln-dried. It is the key ingredient in beer, providing the sugars that yeast convert into alcohol. Malt also gives beer its colour, body, and flavour. The type of malt used in a beer will have a big impact on the beer's flavour. For example, pale malt will give a beer a light, crisp flavor, while roasted malt will give the beer a deeper, more complex flavor.

Harviestoun's Autumn malty stout with malts sourced locally

Harviestoun's Old Engine Oil is a dark stout that's on promotion this Autumn and it's one that uses roasted malts. Roasted malt is made from barley that has been kiln-dried at a high temperature, resulting in a dark colour and deep flavour. We source our malts locally from Crisp Maltings in Alloa. To ensure low food miles and carbon impact,  all their Scottish Malt is 100% grown, malted and packaged in Scotland. 

So is roasted malt the perfect ingredient for an Autumn ale?

Is roasted malt the perfect ingredient for an Autumn ale? We think so! The different types of malt provide both light and dark beers with their distinct flavours, but the roasted malt flavours of Old Engine Oil make this dark stout ideal for chilly Autumnal days (or nights). So next time you're in the mood for an Autumn ale, why not try Old Engine Oil

It is beautifully engineered with premium roasted malt for a velvety mouthfeel. It’s proper vintage stuff. All thanks to the meticulous handiwork of our master brewers.

This dark and rich stout was first created in 1999 for a well-known supermarket beer competition, which it won with resounding success. Ever since, it’s been a much-loved beer by the brewery and customers alike.

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