Harviestoun’s no and low range

  • Wheesht Dark Ale

    ALC. 0.0% VOL.

    A dark ruby ale with aromas of roasted chocolate, sweet biscuit and dried fruit. Our little secret – it’s alcohol free. Hence its name ‘Wheesht’, from the old Scottish slang for quiet (something us Scots find near impossible). All thanks to the crafty innovation of our master brewers.

    From £12.60

  • Whippet Pale Ale

    ALC. 2.3% VOL.

    NEW PRICE – 24 cans for £25! Whippets are known for their bursts of energy as well as their gentle nature. Similarly, this pale ale is bursting with aromas of spice and citrus fruit with a gentle, subtle complexity. All thanks to the agile thinking of our master brewers.

    From £12.50