• Bitter & Twisted Golden Ale

    ALC. 4.2% VOL.

    Saint and sinner in one bottle. Crystal malt for sweetness, aromatic fruit from the hops and oats to give the brew some body. Not to mention a naughty tingling lemon finish. All thanks to the devilish imagination of our master brewers.

    From £16.50

  • The Ridge Pale Ale

    ALC. 5.0% VOL.

    The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is where two titans collide, the mighty America and the even mightier Scotland. This beer combines ingredients from both countries to create an earth-shattering combination. All thanks to the seismic talents of our master brewers.

    From £23.00

  • Wheesht Dark Ale

    ALC. 0.0% VOL.

    A dark ruby ale with aromas of roasted chocolate, sweet biscuit and dried fruit. Our little secret – it’s alcohol free. Hence its name ‘Wheesht’, from the old Scottish slang for quiet (something us Scots find near impossible). All thanks to the crafty innovation of our master brewers.

    From £12.60

  • Harvie’s Ultimate Festive Choice

    ALC. 0-8% VOL.

    Harvie’s Ultimate Festive Choice is a 22 mixed beer case chosen by Harvie, our company mascot who has featured in various guises on our beers through the years. Included in this case is a range of our beers including a very special Ola Dubh 18 year old and a branded half pint glass. You can upgrade this case with a gift! Choose between a face mask or a t-shirt and send with a personalised Christmas postcard.

    From £50.00