• Harvie’s Choice

    Harvie’s Choice is a mixed case of our award winning beers chosen by Harvie, our company mascot who has featured in various guises on our beers through the years.


  • Bitter & Twisted Golden Ale

    ALC. 4.2% VOL.

    Saint and sinner in one bottle thanks to the devilish imagination of our master brewer. This refreshingly lively blonde beer has a tingly, lemony finish. It is an award winning beer for all occasions!

    From £16.50

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  • Wheesht Dark Ale

    ALC. 0.0% VOL.

    0.0% ABV, 100% FBV (Flavour By Volume) – and yes, we did make that up. A dark ruby ale rich in flavours of chocolate, biscuit and dried fruit. The velvety, smooth mouthfeel and lingering bitterness will have you doubting the zero alcohol claim.

    From £12.60

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  • The Ridge Pale Ale

    ALC. 5.0% VOL.

    The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is where the waters of Scotland and America meet. In celebration of this titanic clash, The Ridge artfully combines ingredients from both countries to create an earth-shattering combination, all thanks to the seismic talents of our master brewers. 

    From £15.00

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